Are you running a business? Perhaps a beauty salon or therapist, wanting to use our products for your customers? Or perhaps a local shop or web shop, wanting to resell our products?

Send us an email at and tell us about your business, and almost immediately we can set you up with a business account here at the Föllinge Worldwide Boutique which allows you to shop with a volume discount and without VAT. 

Principles in brief

  • You will shop here at the web shop just like any other customer. You will see the normal consumer pricing while you are shopping, and will see the discount when you begin to check out.
  • At the checkout you will need to enter a special merchant discount code, which immediately reduces your total product price (by 40% right from the start and during your first year). This reduction is the aggregate of a volume discount and the VAT exemption. 
  • The merchant discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • You are responsible for any duties or taxes in your own country, and for ensuring compliance with any laws and regulations in your country. 
  • We suggest you resell the products at approximately the same price that we sell them for to consumers here in this webshop, but you will decide.
  • We will analyze your purchases every year and place you in the appropriate volume discount bracket. 
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms without notice.

Price reduction is volume dependent

We will give you the maximum discount from the outset, but will review it every year and will reduce your discount, or increase it back up, depending on how much you purchased in the previous year.

The available discount levels and corresponding annual minimum purchase thresholds for those discounts are stated below. For your convenience the minimum purchasing levels are expressed both in terms of how much you actually have to buy from us net after discount to retain a discount that you already have, and how much consumers would have needed to pay for the same items. Shipping costs have no effect on the discount.


Total product price reduction Minimum annual purchases net after discount Minimum consumer value of annual purchases
40% > €3,000 > €5,000
36% > €1,920 > €3,000
32% > €1,360 > €2,000
28% > €720 > €1,000


What we would like to know

We want to understand what kind of business you run (e.g. health shop, beauty salon, food store, web shop ...). If possible, please attach a few photos of your shop/salon. If you have a website, please enclose a link to it.

We also want to be able to verify that you are a legitimately registered business (registered company name, address, registration number etc). If you are in the EU, we also need your VAT number in the correct format.