Föllinge Ambassador

Are you a fan and user of Föllinge's products? Or organic skin care in general? Would you recommend our products to people you like? Do you perhaps already do so?

We can offer you a way to hopefully make it more interesting for your friends to try our organic skin care products. We will give them a percentage discount here in this web shop, and whatever amount we have ended up giving them as a discount we will also give to you in the form of a bonus discount.

Doesn't that sound like a true win-win?

  • Your friends get an incentive (10% discount) for trying certified organic products that they may otherwise have been totally unaware of.
  • You get the same amount of discount as all your friends combined; an excellent opportunity for you to try more and more of our top-notch organic products at little or no cost, or stock up the perfect gift to have on hand for festive occasions.
  • And we get a chance to prove ourselves to more and more people.

How to get started

    If you are interested in participating, please email us a description of who you are, why you like our products, why you would like to be an ambassador for Föllinge and how you see yourself gently and tastefully promoting organic skin care and our products. We will decide in our own sole discretion if we think you will be a suitable representative for our brand. We will, in part, also base that decision on your purchasing history with us, so please provide us with the email address that you have used for purchasing from us thus far.

      The routine

      • We will furnish you with a 10% ambassador discount code that you can tell as many of your friends about as you want. There is no limit. No other ambassador has the same code, so all purchases that anyone makes claiming that particular discount code at the checkout will be automatically attributed to you. All your friends will get the 10% discount every time they use that discount code. You can use it yourself, too.
      • We will periodically check how much discount we have given to customers who have used your ambassador discount code. Every time the accumulated discounts given to your friends have reached €100, or yet another €100 etc, we will issue a one-time bonus discount code of €100 for you, that can be used in our web shop. You are free to use it as you please. For example, you can buy and try more of our products, or stock up quantities of the perfect gift to have on hand (Carrot Oil, Body Oil, whatever your favorites are). Or you can give it away as a present. Each of these €100 cash bonus discount codes will be valid for 24 months.
      • You are encouraged to provide us with useful feedback about what you and your friends think of us and our brand and the products they have tried. This feedback can be given to us by email or through any other feedback mechanism that we may have in place from time to time. We may occasionally send you information about new products or general trends in organic skin care.
      • We plan to replace your ambassador discount code at six-month intervals. This is because the discount that we give to your friends is primarily intended as an introductory discount, not as a lifetime benefit that anyone can take for granted. Every time we change the code we plan to provide an overlap period of a few months, when both the old and the new code will work. We will keep track of discounts accumulated with your previous codes and carry any outstanding balance forward, so you will not lose any "points" you have earned. If you think it is worth the effort to reintroduce old friends to the new code, you are free to do so. 


      • Each bonus discount code can only be used once, the whole €100 amount for one single purchase. In order to get the full value, please make sure you have at least €100 worth of goods in your cart when you use the code.
      • Only one single discount code can be applied for each purchase. It is therefore not possible to make use of a 10% ambassador code and a €100 bonus code at the same time, or any of these codes in combination with a regular promotion code that we may have published, e.g. in a newsletter or on Facebook.
      • Discounted amounts do no not qualify for free shipping. The payable remainder of the product price must be above the free shipping limit in order for free shipping to apply. Free shipping applies when you have at least €150 left to pay for the products. This means, when you use a 10% discount code you must put at least €166.70 worth of goods in your cart to get free shipping. If you plan to use a €100 bonus discount you must put at least €250 worth in your cart to qualify for free shipping. 
      • The ambassador program and the associated discount codes are only valid in this web shop (shop.follinge.com) and only for private persons outside Sweden.
        • We will provide no insight into our records. You will have to accept to either trust our calculations, or to keep track yourself of what you and your friends have bought. If you feel there must have been some error in our calculations you are welcome to email us, stating the relevant details. If we can find any errors we will correct them.
        • We reserve the right to change the rules, in total or in part, or even abandon the whole program, entirely at our own discretion, but we promise to be gentle, to always have a sound reason and to let you know as early as possible - and we will settle the balance with you.

        How we all might grow together

        • We reserve the right to make an ambassador of any person we believe will be a good representative for us, even if this person is someone that you once introduced, or someone who is even still one of your largest "bonus contributors" (one who you still earn a steady bonus from).
        • If we find in our records, when we assess a prospective ambassador, that this person is likely identical with someone who has previously made purchases using ambassador codes that were predominantly yours, we will register this ambassador as being "yours forever".
        • Whatever your "yours forever" friend thereafter accrues in regular ambassador earnings (the value of all the 10% discounts given by us against his/her personal ambassador code) we will add half as much to your own bonus. This means you can now make even more bonus than before, if the new ambassador is a bit active. (The math: You used to get a 10% bonus from this person's purchases; now you get only 5%, but not only on the friend's own purchases but also on those of your friend's friends). This may well turn out to be so "lucrative" for you that you even want to encourage some of your more active friends to apply for an ambassadorship.
        • If subsequently your friend's friend also finds a new ambassador, and so on, you get nothing more. It stops at the previous step. We do not want this to turn into a pyramid game. We just want you to be amply compensated if we "borrow" your friends and make them ambassadors in their own right. (The math: The ambassador program gives total discounts of up to 25% nominally on the value of any purchase: 10% in cash immediately to the buyer, 10% in products later to the buyer's ambassador, and 5% in products later to the ambassador's own original ambassador, if there is one. No one else gets anything.)

        What we must also be prepared for, unfortunately

        • We reserve the right to discontinue the whole ambassador program at any time, or to discontinue it for you specifically. This is certainly nothing we hope to have to do, but it is something we must acknowledge as a grim possibility if we come to feel, in our sole discretion, that the program as a whole, or the efforts of individual ambassadors, has a counterproductive effect or no effect at all. The purpose of the program is to enlighten people about the benefits of natural-organic skin care and to see more and more enlightened people wanting to at least give our products a chance. We do not want to be associated with any tacky methods "just for the money", and we do not want to waste ongoing effort into the program if it meets no significant success. In the event of a discontinuation, we will terminate your current ambassador code and calculate any earned points remaining and then issue a final cash bonus discount code for that amount. Under no circumstances will we accept any claim for lost future "revenue" (discount value) or other damage that may occur as a result of such discontinuation. We will try to advise you well ahead of time if we see it coming.