It's all about Quality

When talking about skin care, people often refer to the natural and organic, health and beauty generally, and the pros and cons of various components. For us, the common denominator of all this can be expressed with the simple word quality. We simply want the very best effect for the skin with a minimum of adverse effects for anyone. That's quality. Top quality is not cheap. Top quality is the business we have chosen to be in.

We have always been a "natural-organic" company, generally favoring "the real thing" over the synthetic and cheap. This is due to the simple fact that the plants of Nature provide us with an enormously rich variety of more potent substances than man has ever been able to invent, substances that despite their power are often gentler and have fewer side effects, that have often been tested and proven by humans for centuries, and are bio-degradable and sustainable to boot. But being natural-organic as such is no guarantee of quality; Nature also contains countless plants that have no known benefits at all. It takes a great deal of expertise, patience and money to test and select the right ingredients for a top-quality formula.


For the most part we have had no qualms following the natural-organic route. Usually the natural alternatives have mainly advantages (no significant disdvantages other than cost) over the non-natural alternatives most commonly used. Oils are an excellent example. Oils (fatty acids) are a vital component in many kinds of skin care products, e.g. face creams, but it can differ greatly where manufacturers get their oils from. Nature abounds in fantastic natural plant oils - avocado, jojoba and thousands and thousands others, even locally grown. Each plant typically contains a whole spectrum of different fatty acids that benefit the skin in a multitude of ways. There is simply no good reason, other than cost, to use so-called mineral oils, which are derived from petroleum. We totally accept both the higher cost and all the work that is required for using the very best of Nature's fresh plant oils. We would not consider, even for a moment, using mineral oils for our products (nor any random vegetable oils, for that matter). We are immensely happy and proud to have formulated quite a number of truly sophisticated blends of natural plant oils for the very best effect on the skin. We do not actually sacrifice anything for Nature; we just make excellent use of it.

Another good example is fragrances. Essential oils, extracted straight from plants, typically contain the complete bouquet of fragrances that each plant actually possesses. This is simply so much nicer and more "real" to the nose than any synthetic alternative. But it is definitely more expensive. And not only that; some people are allergic to smells. So we also needed to have some neutral (fragrance-free) alternatives.

The natural alternatives are not always unequivocally better. There are a few cases where a trade-off and/or a need for a different perspective has been needed. A particularly tricky case is lather (foam). Most people have grown accustomed to always seeing a big and airy foam developing from certain kinds of products, notably shampoos. This is accomplished by using certain chemicals, and has been very difficult to fully reproduce with only natural means, even when very expensive natural components are used. We would initially most likely have gone for the full foam effect if we had been able to do this naturally, but due to the various difficulties with this, and our reluctance to use chemicals, we eventually discovered almost by chance that a moderate foam with a more robust feel actually turned out to be even nicer to use - and presumably safer for ourselves and the environment. 

Top Quality is an Expert Business

Putting together a skin care formula is no simple matter. The products need to be able to remove all kinds of unwanted substances from the skin, add all the nutritional components that the skin needs in order to develop healthily and feel smooth and look radiant. They must smell nice and have a nice texture and be practical, and cannot be allowed to have any adverse effects on the skin, long-term or short-term, nor on the environment or other people. We have been in this business since 1985, and before that we were a cure resort for people with distinct skin problems. We honestly feel we can legitimately claim to know our business - the top-quality skin care business.